2300 Twin Cam Tappets

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2300 Twin Cam Tappets

Postby rallyevo3 » 22 Jun 2007, 07:58

Does anyone know if... and if so how you adjust the tappets on a 2300 Twin Cam engine?
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Postby Gordo » 22 Jun 2007, 11:50

If they follow the same design follower buckets as the single cam', then there should be a couple of holes in the side of the bucket. This'll have a screw adjusted set at a slight angle so as it is screwed in or out the clearances change by 3 thou'. There were three grades of adjusters to allow for valve seat height, length and head/cam' box face machining.
It's a stupid desigh as the screws wear in steps and, worst thing, you can get metal shavings/dust from the threads.

Of course, it's more likely to be shims under the followers.

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