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falters when hot

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2007, 20:51
by Wyke
Here we go.
Full of joy on way back from successful MOT this morning. Then at lights as I tried topull away it would not pull away. Growled and juddered - then seemed to pick up. Managed to keep it reving on tick over - then pulled away still with a falter. Felt as if no fuel as revs die away quickly as I try to call on power.

If I remove feed to carb and turn engine - how much fuel should come through ? any ideas what flow rate should be into jamjar ?

Could it be muck in fuel tank ? how do I check ?

Advice / suggestions greatfully received.

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2007, 03:35
by Gordo
Something that catches a few people out - I know one guy striped his car down and sold it for parts :roll: - is the diaphram in the carby. If it gets a split or pinhole leak the piston won't lift so it runs lean/lacks power - if it happens again, you can get a little more power by pulling out the choke.

It's an easy 5 minute job, just make sure the little raised bit is correctly alighen in the carb body. May not be this, but it's a quick check and should be under a quid for a new one.

[edit] Only happened once to me - fine one moment - stuffed the next.

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2007, 09:55
by UpNorth
It sounds possibly like too much air getting in somewhere. Check hoses, carb/manifold and manifold/head gaskets.

still probs

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2007, 22:04
by Wyke
New carb and checked diafram - seems OK.

Still not sure how much fuel pump should deliver when I key it over when disconnected from carb. Seems like fuel starvation. It ran really well to MOT - no probs at all and started first time.