master cylinder

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master cylinder

Postby Guest » 20 Jun 2005, 23:39

My master cylinder has done it and it is gunna cost $290 to get a new one.

What is the price in england.

It had something on the rubber ring and it rubbed up and down the side thingy making a groove in which the fluid leaks out.

They dont actually make new ones hear anymore. To get one you have to trade in your old one and get a reconditioned one, then they recondition yours and sell it to someone else that trades theirs in.

Postby Doive » 21 Jun 2005, 02:43

Tough to get them now in UK, I have seen them for sale in one place only for about 100 quid. I would suggest a rebuild kit, but it sounds as if your bore has been damaged, in which case it would need machined out and sleeved to be made good - expensive stuff. One from another car could possibly be modified to fit, but that is likely to involve pipe work.
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Postby Guest » 21 Jun 2005, 05:28

it is working alright at the moment but i dont really want to driving aloang and the next time i put my foot on the pedal nothing happens. When you leave the foot down for more than 2 or three seconds it just hits the floor and the brakes go off.

Postby Shuvit-pinto » 21 Jun 2005, 22:33


You should be able to get one from them on request.
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