Replacing dials???

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Replacing dials???

Postby Raver » 10 Mar 2005, 18:26

hiya guys was just wonderin how easy it is to replace the dials in a chevette as the ones in there at the mo look like a crappy diy jobbie so wasnted to replace them, any idea's??
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Postby Shellysowner » 10 Mar 2005, 18:47

The difficult bit is getting the actual console out of the dashboard and also re-connecting the speedo cable. The rest should be pretty straightforward. All the dials unscrew individually and the wiring is simple.
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Postby Neilyman » 10 Mar 2005, 18:50

Quick tip for refitting speedo cable.............
If you get under the car, drivers side, there is a `P` clip securing the speedo cable screwed to the edge of the tunnel. Undo that & pull the cable out of the dash to connect it up. Put the clocks back & the cable will go back then refit the `P` clip.
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