radio wiring

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radio wiring

Postby bbstewbs » 23 Nov 2007, 02:49

Now not sure if I can explain this right, but here goes. I have long since replaced the radio in my car, this is now a cd player. The problem I ma having is the 12 volt wire that connects it to the accessory has a break somewhere and so now it does not work with the ignition. A friend is helping me and he needs to know where it would be possible to put in another wire or get the schemetics for the original radio wiring. Hope this explained my problem.
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Postby Gordo » 23 Nov 2007, 09:24

I would assume this is a Chevette, you're inquiring about?
Shouldn't be a problem - according to the manual, the acc' fuse is #6, other circuits on the same one are the washer/wiper motors and the cigar lighter. It should be a white wire with a green trace, size 9/0.30.
I presume, as it's an aftermarket replacement, you've already got the power, if required, already sorted.
Your option are really down to - find and repair the break or lose terminal, run a new wire from the fuse or tap into the cigar lighter feed wire.
I'd also recommend picking up a manual as it makes things like this so much easier.

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