The Limits of a Chevette...

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The Limits of a Chevette...

Postby Chevette Girl » 30 Nov 2006, 04:09

... or "Stupid things I've discovered I can do with my Chevette thanks to its very forgiving electrical system"

-gone a week and a bit with the ground cable disconnected from my alternator (I think it happened Saturday, figured out the problem on Wednesday, fixed it Sunday). The wire broke clean off the connector. It charged the battery just fine, but while I was driving the car, the turn signal was slower than usual and didn't speed up when I revved the engine (all my Chevettes have done this)

-spent a week driving from home to work (where they had a battery charger), charging the battery while I shoveled horse stalls, driving to school, driving home, then the next day, driving back to the stable, lather, rinse, repeat... (this was Purple)

-drove Little Beast for 3 hours with essentially no alternator (it went halfway home from vacation). Parked the car overnight, left it running at the parts place on the way to work, bought new alternator, made it to work, changed the alt after work, got a jumpstart, all was fine.

-during the previous incident, I discovered that Little Beast shares with Purple the interesting trait of the final indicator that you've been running off just the battery for too long: the seatbelt light comes on. Guess it happens at the point at which there's no longer enough power to hold a solenoid open (or something)...

-discovered the intricacies of the Chevette electrical system (and that the dome light was on the same fuse as the cigarette lighter) when I was driving Purple (no rear defog) with a plug-in heater mounted in the back window. The heater was a real powerhog with a questionable cord extension wired in cause it didn't quite reach, and if I had the tape deck, the windshield wipers, the headlights and a turn signal on all at the same time, the heater would blow its fuse. Despite that none of these other items are on that fuse.

Any so-called "real" car never would have gotten me where I needed to go. All hail the Chevette!
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Postby CancerWagon » 01 Dec 2006, 05:50

Heh, nice.

The seatbelt light has a timer mc thingy at the fuse panel, and at very low voltages, goes all wonky.

I love the simplistic electrics too, draw next to no power once they're running :D
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