HS/Kadett SR Temperature Gauge

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HS/Kadett SR Temperature Gauge

Postby UpNorth » 08 Oct 2006, 16:46

Does anyone have any ideas (or know somewhere to get it repaired!) on how to repair a dead temperature gauge.
It's in my Kadett SR which has the HS 4-gauge gearlever instrument cluster.
When I bought the car the gauge showed the temperature on the edge of the red after a few miles (it was obviously over-reading) and then one day just packed-up. I believe the guage itself is knackered because the temperature sender on the head is okay (I've swapped it with the Chevette to make sure) & when the ignition's on I can trace a current through the wire with my electrical tester.
Please help cos the car's like bloody new except for this & it drives me mad everytime I see it :x :x
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Postby Doive » 08 Oct 2006, 17:12

These guys repair all sorts of gauges, and would probably have a bash at your temperature gauge. It can't be too complicated internally, it might just be a poor or broken contact. It may be cheaper in the long run to try and source a replacement secondhand gauge though.
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