HS Gauges/ Wiring diagram?

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HS Gauges/ Wiring diagram?

Postby bones » 07 Oct 2006, 16:49

I have a Chevette fitted with HS bits on it, axle/ anti roll bar interior etc but it also has a HS dash and clocks. I'm not sure if it has a HS wiring harness as well, but as I am fitting an XE engine in to it, I could do with knowing which wire goes where. I bought the car as a part done project but due to the engine position and gear box mounting I ripped it all out and thought I would start again, but who ever had fitted the other XE engine in it had wires going everywhere, it had a red wire attachedd to a blue wire then to green then attached to somewhere on the engine.
Does anyone have any diagrams?

Cheers Bones...
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