North American 2.8L Fi computer

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North American 2.8L Fi computer

Postby Kevins /// Kustoms /// » 29 Jan 2006, 23:10

Hey everyone, its been a while since iv posted on these fourms, since my last chevette the black two door in the north american photos iv had many different cars and didnt like any of them, so i went out and found myself a chevette, its 4 door but its still a chevette. Its a 1986 automatic 1.6L CHEVY chevette, the 1.6L is out, i bought a 88 GMC Jimmy with a 2.8L Fi motor, I know everything there is to know about swaping it in, my question is whats the computer hooked into, does anyone have diagrams, would i be waisting my time trying to keep it Fi ? Should I spend more money and go carberated ? Please get back to me, id perfer an e-mail, im usually not on these fourms. Thanks, Kevin. [email protected]
My chevette is gunna go, 2.8L all beefed up here we come. :p.
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