Aftermarket gauges

If it`s got wires, it`ll be in here.

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Postby Harry Flatters » 11 Sep 2005, 20:49

That's a good shout, Neily - the old standards used to be Lucas L594 (like Mini sidelights), but those Landy lights are cheap as anything pattern and easy to get.
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Postby Shoveitpusher » 19 Sep 2005, 09:15

ditch the oil temp warning - not a lot you can do if it goes too high.

oil pressure and charge circuit warnings are all you need, never been one for big warning lights either, with both of you scanning the gauges you should see any problems (i don't look at the speedo even if it did work and tend to tell the revs by ear after the start).

high pressure oil switch is a very good idea, though remember they often come on if idling after a selective or stage.

oil pressure and temp are useful, volts or amps; that's all the auxillary gauges i would have. regular gauges water and fuel should also be retained. i have vdo in the chevette as that's what was there already, if i'm buying i use Tim, cheap and cheerful but functional. accuracy is not really important as long as you know where they are normally so you know when they are abnormal.

my fuel pumps are wired so in pos 1 one pump is on in pos 2 both pumps are on. generally i turn both on at the stage start but run a single on the road. if the engine starts to splutter at any time on a single pump the immediate action is to switch to twin, then sort it out when i stop. they are very very reliable so probably not worth getting too carried away over.
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Postby Chevette Girl » 21 Sep 2005, 04:03

iety2004 wrote:just a bit pareniod since my last engine went bust and no oil light came on :shock:

I discovered on my first engine (which burned a fair bit of oil by the time it was down to 2 1/2 cylinders) that the oil light doesn't go on until the oil level's almost off the dipstick, probably more than 2 litres down...
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