Wiper Motor Woe's

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Wiper Motor Woe's

Postby Daishag » 17 Aug 2008, 21:14

The wiper motor on the rally car works fine but it makes the most awful noise when the motor is working.
I have greased all the linkages and they are all free etc, and i have pulled the plate off the motor gearing assy and greased them but i think its the bearings in the motor itself.

a) Does anyone know where i can get one new or re-conditioned ???
b) Does anyone have a known good one they want to sell me ???
c) Does anyone know if a motor off another car fits ???

Cheers Dave aka Daishag Rallying 07835971713
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Postby Shuvit-pinto » 09 Nov 2008, 23:23

Think I have a motor of the P-reg car Dave.

Call me on 07841 614577
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