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Battery trays

Postby Shellysowner » 04 May 2005, 12:50

Finally got round to having a look at my battery tray this weekend (I know I should've done it ages ago but I was putting it off so I didn't have to discover whatever problems were under there!). Anyways the good news is it's fine, but I dunno exactly what GM were trying to do when they designed that part of the body, it's a very stange assembly. If you look at the picture you can see all the recesses for drainage to the left of the picture, although these are usually under the insulation and I'm unsure as to their effectiveness. What definitely hindered it was a big blob of sealer stuff (from the factory) at point 3 as they were full of water, so I cleared that out. As for where the water from the flap (1) is supposed to go I don't know. Most of it has been slowly creeping down behind 5 under some rubber insulation which wasn't very satisfactory at all. The flap just seems to open into a small space and there's no-where for the water to go, mainly due to the big blob of sealer (2) which covers the end of a small bolt. I chipped away a bit of sealer at 4 to allow a bit of water to run under the battery but apart from that I couldn't decide upon a suitable modification to make the water drain better. I had thought of cutting the insulation on the firewall back by around an inch and getting rid of 2 but I'm not sure how well that would work so in the end I just cleaned it all out, rust beatered any bits of bare metal or anything that looks like it once thought about rusting one wednesday afternoon and stuck the whole lot back together. My old man reckons all these rust traps are due to what they used to call 'planned obsolescence' (they make it so your car goes rusty quicker meaning you'll buy another one) and it certainly seems like Vauxhall and the man with the filler gun had a good old bash at this (but failed :D). How rude!

<img src="" alt="Ralph's battery tray" align=middle /img>

(oh btw, for anyone who's wondering the red wire in the pic runs from the LT side of the coil to my tach)
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Postby Doive » 04 May 2005, 14:46

Good to see one that hasn't dissolved mate. As for what your pa says, I'd tend to agree. Loads of cars built in the sixties and seventies were designed poorly on purpose (Vauxhall, Ford) or just built terribly (BL) which allowed rust traps to develop, so leading to the premature demise of these cars - the rust traps on a mini have to be seen to be believed! I have seen cars which have a metal shelf fitted to the side of the sill under the floor where muck and salt gather and rot the sill from the side, allowing water down and in which then corrodes the sill literally from the inside out.

Of course car manufacturers realised that having all these rusty old cars running around did their image no good at all (Lancia!), so now they rust proof the cars properly and simply design in electronic bugs that show up over time and kill the car instead. Sneaky.
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