Kadett Coupe Side Opening Rear Windows (fix)

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Kadett Coupe Side Opening Rear Windows (fix)

Postby JOCK » 09 Apr 2005, 22:01

Not sure if this is of benefit to many peaple on here, but if like me your Coupes rear side opening windows have come adrift from the little silver hinge type fitting, then an easy fix i have discovered on another forum is to just use Arraldite Adhesive to fix the glass back to the hinge. I used the Rapid type and gave both surfaces a good clean and gentle sanding before assembly. Worked a treat!
Dead Chuffed cos some prat had gone and sealed up the windows with mastic or something just because of the above problem. I finally got hold of some more seals and glass(of course the new glass needed repairing also) and now I can open the rear windows again. Its one of the coolest things about the coupe besides its shape, the way the side windows open. 8)
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Postby BamOpel » 31 Jul 2005, 21:36

Hey Jock, how is this fix holding up ? Guess you've had some open window fun during the summer (I think we had a little summer at some point :wink: ) . Both of my kadetts have suffered from this, on my first ( '79 city hatch) I ended up swapping to fixed rear windows, my current '74 coupe has loose clips (I've kinda sealed the windows in, not ideal) & I can't actually remember seeing a kadett ever with all the clips holding onto the glass. Be nice if you've found a lasting 'proper' solution.
Thanks for the tip :D
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