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Kadett Coupe Screen seal

Postby JOCK » 09 Apr 2005, 21:50

Just been looking on DR MANTA and the front Screen seal that i need for my coupe is selling for 72 euros or 92 euros for the type which i would probably get which has no groove for a chrome strip at all. This converts to about £62 at base price before VAT and postage, so I'm just wondering if anybody knows of a better deal for me? As far as I'm aware the coupe front seal differs to the rest of the range eg: the chevette saloon etc.
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Postby Doive » 10 Apr 2005, 02:12

I'm fairly sure it does differ mate. I have heard of sources in Holland who sell Kadett bits, but I don't have any contact details off hand - don't even recall where I heard that from. 60 quid is a bit steep for a screen rubber I agree, but then they are a tad tricky to come across here. You may end up just having to go for it.
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Postby iety2004 » 10 Apr 2005, 12:21

The seal to me look identical to the mini ones, course they are bigger in size but surley you could contact a company who makes them and ask them to do a special
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Postby Shellysowner » 10 Apr 2005, 12:28

iety2004 wrote:...surley you could contact a company who makes them and ask them to do a special

For under 60 quid?!?
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