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Couple of Q's as i carnt find the info

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 14:32
by Raver
Is theres an inner and outter front panel or is it just a single panel?
And what sort of price would you be looking at for a recessed headlight and surround?
Just filling out the prices for my quote to get the vette sorted and couldnt find what i needed, cheers.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 14:43
by Doive
Having had a good poke round the front (I'm assuming you mean the nose panel rather than the valance), there is a single outer panel and then the rear headlight mounting panel and radiator panel behind that. The front valance is only a single panel.

A new recessed light can be picked up for anywhere between a tenner for a good used one to perhaps 30 quid or so for a brand new one someone has lying around. Can't buy these any more from Vauxhall etc. As for the cowling, good luck. Unless you find a scrapped car these are very hard to get.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 14:54
by Raver
Ive got hold of most the parts i need for fixing her up from the lad i brought the car from, im just looking for prices to send to the insurance.
Ive managed to source most the parts for a little over £100 so im happy.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 15:22
by Doive
You need to be careful about how much you claim for - I'm assuming this is fixing after accident damage, or is it just for a valuation? If it is accident damage, then most insurers will put the market value of the chevette at 500 quid max, making the maximum claim you can make 250 quid - beyond this they will write it off. My insurer has valued my car at 250 quid so if some little hooligan lobs a brick through my windscreen the car is suddenly written off. Guess who wouldn't be declaring that to the insurance?!

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 16:15
by Raver
This is an estimate. Im insured with adrian flux and its valued at £1000 with them, the estimate will come in at about £1500 so the car will get written off, but ill buy it back and fix it up the main bulk of the costs is labour which came out at about £800. Just needed a quote to claim for the damage to the car :(
Luckily for me all the work on the car will be carried out at college so will only cost me parts and materials.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 16:19
by Doive
You need to be very careful with this!! Typically a car when written off will need to wear a 'Q' plate, and insurers become very very shirty about covering a written off car. My advice to you, if it's not too late, would be to do the repairs out of your own pocket and then make a declaration to the insurance company, not asking them for any money. Even if it takes a bit longer to save the money, you will save loads in the long term and also have a car that hasn't been written off.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 16:32
by Raver
im tryin to claim off the other blokes insurance who was involved in the accident, if that makes any difference.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 16:57
by Doive
In that case you need to be very firm with the company. Insurers are sneaky hard-nosed b*****ds and they don't care if your car is a beloved chevette or a hamster - it will be written off as calculated by their database. So if the car itself is valued at 1000 and the damage is 1500, I'm afraid they will not hesitate in writing it off. Have to say managing to get the chevette valued at 1000 is a minor miracle in itself!

If I were you I'd get on the blower to his insurers to try and work something out - they may be willing to help you with repairs to a lesser value with the stipulation that they don't write the car off. They may be willing to give you 500 quid or so but I seriously doubt they will be willing to give you as much as 1500 quid.

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2005, 17:05
by Raver
fair enough, i dont mind as long as they pay out enough money to cover the cost of gettin it fixed and back on the road. The chevettes insured as a modified car with adrian flux as its had the engine change etc.
Ill get everything sorted and get on the phone to them and see what the score is.
just as long as i get back what ive spent on fixing it i dont mind.

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2005, 15:53
by Shellysowner
Mine's valued at a grand as well - agreed value on my classic policy. Sent 'em photos etc. and they didn''t argue :)

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2005, 01:01
by Tortron
exactly, its a classic, and as such is priceless (in a good way). any rust and crappy paint can be claimed as purposely placed patina ect ect

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2005, 15:11
by shuvit-tim
good job it's his insurance, getting money out of flux is like trying to get blood from a stone

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2005, 11:18
by Shellysowner
Tortron wrote:...any rust and crappy paint...

Speak for yourself! :wink:

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2005, 03:39
by Tortron
it gives "character" as long as its not eating through your car

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2005, 16:34
by Doive
In that case I have a very characterful chevette indeed. Sadly the rust is munching away at the major bodywork so it's a character that won't last unless I do something about it! Planning to teach myself to weld and get the Mig on the case soon.

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2005, 20:21
by shuvit-tim
better hurry up Doive else the rate yours is going you'll come outside one mornign and all that will be left is some tyres and a pile of dark reddish brown powder :?

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 00:54
by Doive
It's the amount of salt they put on the roads up here! Every morning for the last three months I have been greeted by white roads, not always with snow! They seem to have an abundance of the stuff, so just chuck out as much as possible. That is all sitting up in the arches slowly working on the metal. Soon as the weather turns a little I'll get the car up on stands and give a little ministry to the arches, wash down the whole underside and paint if possible/necessary. Small matter of finding the time to do it right enough.

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 01:13
by shuvit-tim
do it in early summer, tis the only way. when it's nice and dry and hot. that gives you plenty of time to put a coat of wax on every three days for 2 months then! :lol:

as for salt, you want to try being coastal mate. My nova was absolutely mint when I got her down here. 3 years later and she's a cheesegrater on wheels :cry: - for sale at the moment, the professional world demanding i get a grown up car has stopped me going for the reshell option :cry:

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 01:19
by Doive
shuvit-tim wrote:the professional world demanding i get a grown up car

Nuts to that mate! I'll be off on the interview circuit shortly in the hunt of a permanent engineering job. I'm planning to roll up to every interview in suit and tie, and Chevette! If someone wants to form a biased opinion of me for the car I drive, then by no means do I want to work for that company. The skills I (and the rest of you I'm sure) have in keeping such a vehicle roadworthy should show I'm the perfect candidate for a Manufacturing Engineer job where everything is hands on. Well that's my hope anyway.

You could always have a nice company car I supopose - Audi A3 or a VW Golf.......zzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry. Nodded off then.

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 01:34
by shuvit-tim
if i'm honest i need something more reliable.

the nova is SO SO SO much fun, but it isnt reliable as it used to be and whilst it is an immense giggle to drive it like a lunatic, it is a horrible car to drive round town. the gearbox is tight, the clutch is stiff, the tiny steering wheel makes it heavy to steer and it doesnt idle properly due to the overfuelling weber.

i've also had enough of being pulled over every 20 yards and accused of speeding when i'm not

i've also had enough of people judging my character because of what i drive, i can see them thinking "tw*t" as i drive past.

if i get a 'real' car, that doesnt need constant money thrown at it i can put more money to the chevette and have her as my fun car

it will break my heart to sell her. but i must.

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 01:43
by Doive
Fair enough, these decisions have to be made and all the reasons you give are good ones. I'm not trying to tell you what to drive by the way! Each to their own entirely, if you logged on tomorrow and said you had bought a Porsche I wouldn't bat an eyelid (even though they are dire cars).

Any ideas what you would replace her with? Something like a tidy Golf mk2 would be a good reliable runaround, and people would think you have taste when you turn up for work - especially if it's a red GTi 16v! Mmmm. I would also suggest a clean E30 BMW 3 series, a 318 if you can find a good one. Cheaper fuel bills than the 325i and almost as fast, if you can live without the sound of the straight six. Something a little more eccentric would be an old shape Saab 900. I've always liked these cars and by all accounts they are supremely reliable.

Ah. You see my problem. I dismiss out of hand every car built after about 1990! Only a few suggestions of what I would personally go for. When looking at a car now I look for something a little different that is going to be interesting to drive, and hopefully won't break the bank if it goes wrong. And it must cost less that 500 quid. I'm quite limited in this respect! You will probably have a different set of requirements.

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 02:24
by shuvit-tim
either an astra 1800 sport (same MK as yours doive) or a fiat bravo HLs. I never thought i'd like th elatter but my mum drives one and i did the brakes fo rher and took it out for a spin after. they're really pokey and handle well. not a bad extras package on the HLs either. you can pick them up on an R reg for about a grand with decent mileage if you know where to look.

the only golf i would touch would be a MKI or MKII GTi. That and the brand new GTi (if and only if it wasnt' 24K [insane])

i'd love a MKI, they're awesome, you can still buy them from south africa brand new! :D

but again this wouldnt fit what i'm after, new reliable, presentable. and something i can fit a toolchest or a full set of scuba gear in. Only thing i would modify on the vehicle would be the sound system and possibly the lighting (once you've had 8" spots you'll never go back! - although i'd have to find something subtle that would suit the car).

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 02:48
by Doive
The astras are a good car, spoiled only by intermittent sensor problems with the ecotecs and dealers who tend not to care. However, find a good independent and you'll be laughing. The 1800 is a very quick car, and the prices have fallen quite nicely. Buy one while they are cheap, and get service history!

I wouldn't touch a new GTi with a very long barge pole. Take a mk1 and a mk5 along the same stretch of twisty road, and the mk1 driver will be at the pub enjoying his second pint by the time the mk5 driver arrives. And a mint one for 3k, versus 24k for an overweight heffalump? Hmmm. No brainer methinks. Also the only mk5 to match the original GTi in terms of speed is the R34 - twice the engine, twice the power, twice the driven wheels, same speed. My, we have moved on.

And now the pick of the bunch - the Bravo. My mate had a Punto and I drove it from Aberdeen to Edinburgh. Peppy enough little engine, but the gearbox was awful, the steering felt crap and the doors closed with a resounding 'ting' rather than clunk. Everything about it felt cheap and insubstantial, getting back into the solidity of the astra was a pleasure after that. Guy at work has a Bravo and it feels exactly the same as the Punto - dismal interior, crap build quality, nasty gearbox. I agree they are very spirited to drive, especially the 1.8 I don't doubt! But as a whole package I just think they are, well, crap. My humble opinion of course! For my money, there are a lot better ways out there to blow 4 or 5 grand than on a ropey Fiat.

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 04:27
by Tortron
speaking of a thunk, car companys spend millions on trying to get that sound to come from crappy new car plastic doors

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2005, 14:39
by shuvit-tim
right, the punto is an absolutely foul car. I've driven a couple and they are awful i fully agree.

I've never driven a bravo other than the 1800. But I have to say that with heated seats, an all black interior, the 1800 version doesnt look to shabby at all. The car is very quick and handles on rails for a front wheel drive. The centre of gravity is very low. My only query with it is that sometimes it feels like it is out of control when it in fact isnt. I would never dream of spending 3-4grand on one, the whole point is that it is a good buy for a grand.

the astra sports have held their value more than the other astras and would cost me about 3K on a V plate.