Fibreglass body kits to NZ?

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Fibreglass body kits to NZ?

Postby Bulldognz » 20 Jan 2008, 09:44

Hi everyone. I'll be putting on either a complete HS Group 4 or HSR body kit on my chevette but I've been to a few places online and none seem to want to ship stuff to New Zealand. (I can understand that) but it doesn't really help my cause :)

I'm trying to track down local suppliers as I believe some people have some local molds...any info of places willing toship internationally would be much appreciated.
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Postby Gordo » 20 Jan 2008, 10:59

A business friend of my uncle runs a vehicle/parts import business.
Ian McCallum at Transitainer - phone number is 021 469190, or
He's a good sort and can arrange pickup from the shop/manufacturer to your door, with custom clearances, etc - for a fee of course :) .
Tell him Jock's nephew suggested him.

IIRC, he generally charges by the cubic meter but you may be able to get a better deal if you're prepared to wait to top up a container - on consignment, I think it's called. It'll cost a bit, regardless.

Oh, there were parts made over here as well - quality was VERY variable, so make SURE you know exactly what you'd be paying for ...

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