Getting Doors off

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Getting Doors off

Postby CR500Dom » 01 Apr 2006, 19:58

Is it a difficult one to do ?

How do you do it ?

Just thinking ahead as I have the chance of a very solid NS door and mine is complete at the moment but getting a little Fragile at the bottom :shock:

Any hints, tips, how-tos :?: :D

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Upsetter of "The Purists"
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Postby Harry Flatters » 01 Apr 2006, 20:58

A lot easier with the correct tool, but not too difficult. There's a light duty one you can get for around £15, as well.

Make sure the door is supported so it doesn't drop & strain a hinge or do damage when you remove the pins - it helps to have an assistant. Maybe have some strategically located blankets for a soft rest / landing.

Use a roll pin drift or similar if you haven't got the tool - you don't want to spread the pin.

Make sure that you keep hammer blows clear of the panel work so you don't catch it by accident.

Don't forget to disconnect any wires first, then the check strap
Harry Flatters
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