lamy screens

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lamy screens

Postby hsr2.6 » 21 Nov 2005, 22:46

how can i tell if a screen is a lamy's from an 83,with pilkington dot 247 written on it.................
rally drivers do it sideways.............well the quick ones do....................
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Diehard Chevetter
Diehard Chevetter
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Postby Neilyman » 21 Nov 2005, 22:55

Look at the edge, you`ll see a sandwich of `glass/plastic/glass` if it`s lammy.

Or if ya can see a `rainbow effect` in the glass, across the middle`s toughened.
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Admin and dirty rotten egg!
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Postby Shuvit-pinto » 22 Nov 2005, 00:54

Hit it with a hammer, if it shatters its Toughened and if it just breaks its Lamy :? Sorry not much help was I. :roll:
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