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All the bits that rust!

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Postby penski » 19 Nov 2005, 23:03

Show me a 2-door saloon with 37k on the clock, no rust, no rot, a full service history, a full sheath of MOT certs, straight pipes, cherry bomb, HS front end and a little headwork that starts first or second time on cold mornings and I'll buy it.

Has it occured to you that I prefer the look of the 4-door?

It's not for stiffness...It's getting a cage in it anyway. It is being done to maintain the look of a 4-door on the outside while being stripped out inside. The rear doors have no practical use as it stands so what do I have to gain by leaving them as they are?

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Postby Doive » 19 Nov 2005, 23:09

Alright, keep your shirt on, I was only making a point. If you want to do that to your car, then by all means be my guest. At best you will save about 5kg, which in day to day driving is somewhat similar to having a good crap before getting into the car in terms of point to point speed. Besides, following the 5kg saving you are going to stick a cage in which will ultimately increase the weight.
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Postby Tortron » 20 Nov 2005, 00:16

me being a lazy bugger would get a 2 door, dam im kicking myself for not getting the white one for $250!!!

the 4 door seems to be the least respected of all chevettes!! people cutting and hacking them up everywhere :o

at least prime examples such as mine will skyrocket in price :)
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Postby nutty but nice » 20 Nov 2005, 00:29

My 2door saloon would've been great if the rear lights werent fecked so they let water in which rotted the floor. Theres plenty of chevettes popping up on ebay, you could go view one of those if you wanted to.

Maybe if you dehandled your saloon it would look better?
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