Welding time aka why dont poke things with screwdrivers

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Welding time aka why dont poke things with screwdrivers

Postby Tortron » 08 Oct 2005, 06:16

as i said somewhere i was regoing over my bodywork to locate and treat any rust and damage. Well hello to some nice holes in my floor :evil:

only little (ish) ones located in front of the door corner bit on the floor on each side. so after many an hour removing that dammed black plastic stuff (revealing more pitting and sturface rust) im ready to weld it. what do i need to remove to weld without blowing stuff up, the battery for sure, but what about the earth of the engine and the alternater and the such.
also a few pits and holes are forming on my doors, so i guess il sort them out as well. Also i found some damage from being perched on the side of the bank. The floor is/was dented, tho a hammer and dolly has sorted that. il also reattach my towing eye, am having some trouble putting my valance back in shape, i may have to weld and use a stud puller to "pull it back out". iv also noticed a few pinholes forming on at the bottom of my drivers side wing, im thinking taking it off will be the best way to deal to that, wont have any troubles? ie that seam filler stuff.

umm, i think thats all the stuff that has to be done, too bad my holidays are over and its getting close to end of year exams. Luckly i have access to all the stuff il need for free, and iv managed to stock up on rust kill/preventer paint (black) and got enough "brown/copper" paint to cover any weld burns and the such :wink:
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