U.S. spec chevettes...

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U.S. spec chevettes...

Postby nutherjrfan » 10 Jul 2005, 04:39

not sure if i've seen a two door hatch over here in the states. i do know the flat front end to be fugly compared to the english car's sloped front end. is there any way to replicate the english front on an american car? and for that matter are both bodies different? the american cars have always looked slightly off to me :? :D
i might start looking for a two door if i could easily replicate an hsr.
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Postby Lukifer122 » 02 Aug 2005, 21:24

2 Doors do exist! I have one.. a 1986 Acadian (Canadian equivalent of a Chevette).

As for the front end graft.. no clue. :)

Sorry I could only answer part of your post.

Postby DoctorJones » 17 Sep 2005, 03:02

I also have a 2 door chevette 1985.

and i also wonder how easily the european body pannels fit a u.s. chevette.
currently my hood(bonnet) and front fenders (wings) arn't in the greatest shape. and i also need to loose a bunch of weight for competition. if i can replicate an HSR (as closesly as i can) i will.

EDIT: I'm going to be doing some body work this weekend with the front fenders and hood off the car. i'll take some pics of the car with out them. and if the european guys/gals can take a look and tell me if it looks the same.
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Postby Neilyman » 17 Sep 2005, 07:54

Go for it, we`ll do our best!
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