Painting Fibreglass Wings.

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Painting Fibreglass Wings.

Postby Shuvit-pinto » 17 Sep 2009, 20:42

Painting fibreglass is not a big problem.

You need to make sure the shiney surface is Fully abraided with nothing greater than, 400 grit wet and dry, you need to gat all the shine of them for the paint to etch in properly. Failing to do so can result in it bubbling or peeling off later.

Next you need to apply a 2 pack epoxy primer. The first coat should be a light one and left to flash off until it is tacky but not wet, so it does not leave paint on your fingers.

While it is still sticky you apply another proper thicker coat and again leave until tacky as before. It really does not take long for this to happen if the epoxy is mixed properly.

While it is still tacky you will need to apply a light coat of the top coat of the colour you are going to use. This is to enable it to meld into the tacky epoxy base coat and act as a key for the later coats of top coat.

It is best to have 2 spray guns as you will not have time to clean a single gun out before the epoxy goes off to much.

Leave the wings to fully cure for a few days and then lightly rub down with 800 grit wet and dry and wipe down with prepaint cleaner and then tack cloth it just before applying the required amount of the top coat to get the required finish. Epoxy goes of realy hard when fully cured and will be difficult to sand properly with good results so getting this colour coat on at this stage is essential

Its that Simple :wink: Or get me to do it :D

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