1256 axle LSD options (phantom grip?)

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1256 axle LSD options (phantom grip?)

Postby Racer86 » 30 Jan 2005, 19:33

Ive just bought a propshaft off ebay so i can run a mant a engine and box with the std axle. as im a poor student this means i can now do the conversion cheaper and without changing the axle. (i intend to the axle at a later date when i fit an XE)
I need a LSD with the current 1295 as it just spins the wheels when u boot it so with more power its not going to go anywhere.
ive read about Phantom grip LSD's that allow you to convert the standard diff to a slipper.
ive also heard that an Izuzu piazza LSD will fit in the 1256 casting but i assume its bullocks cause its too good to be true.
any ideas guys?

Postby shuvit-tim » 31 Jan 2005, 03:08

i've no idea on a 1256 LSD mate. I dont know many people that bother due to the fact that most think it isnt worth it. over 100BHP you're gonna snap the axle and under 100 BHP most wouldnt bother.

If you are skint then is a LSD really the way to go? they dont exactly come cheap!!

There must be some way of converting it i'm sure though. good luck!!
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Postby Shoveitpusher » 31 Jan 2005, 08:52

since the manta engines are all over 100bhp spend the money on the stronger axle. then spend it on the suspension, you can get more grip by setting the rear up properly even a good set of tyres will help.

my understanding is that the Izuzu axle is the same as the manta 'a' rather than the chevette.

a phatom grip is a very poor mans effort. basically it consistes of 2 steel blocks that are pressed against the output gears in the diff. it makes very little difference on a front wheel drive car, on a rear drive vehicle i suspect it will do nothing (yes i have one in a swift) if you have access to machining facilities and can get the die springs (die as in press) then it won't hurt but it's not worth the effort in my view.
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