nuts/studs for revolution wheels

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nuts/studs for revolution wheels

Postby ross.cheeks » 14 Jul 2007, 12:00

just bought a set and not sure what ones i need to fit them and where the best place to get them from is.

any help would be great, cheers ross.
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Postby Gordo » 14 Jul 2007, 13:35

Looks like they "may" use a standard 60 degree nut with a 12x1.5mm thread for the Chevette, although mention is made of sleeve nuts for some models.
Their home page is here I suggest you e-mail them to confirm the requirement for your specific wheels.

[edit] Seem to have a piss poor selection of sizes if you don't own a Ford - esp' in 14" sizes :roll:

[edit2] they don't censor the "P" word 8)
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Postby Shellysowner » 14 Jul 2007, 22:41

Nope, they don't use 60 degree taper ones (if your wheels are 4 spokes, which I seem to remember they are)

Email the seller of these Ross. I used him when I got mine and no complaints. You want m12x1.5 btw.
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