does any other chevette have a diesal engine like this 1982?

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does any other chevette have a diesal engine like this 1982?

Postby endofroadranch » 07 Jun 2005, 09:43

Hi, I came across a 1982 chevette that has a diesal engine in it. Went to NAPA to buy oil and filter and they said no way. Then they found it in their book. Don't know engine size right off hand. Just wondering if there are any others out there.


Postby Neilyman » 07 Jun 2005, 10:10

Location please?
I assume you`re talking US Chevette???
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Postby Shellysowner » 07 Jun 2005, 10:14

There were some US chevettes that came with a diesel motor from the factory although I can't quite remember the details of the engine off the top of my head. I seem to recall that it's a 1.8l and that they didn't in fact release them until around 1982 so the aforementioned car must be one of the first diesel Chevettes.
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diesal chevette

Postby endofroadranch » 29 Jun 2005, 07:53

yes, the 1982 diesal chevette is located in the U.S. in Idaho state. Thanks for replying. I haven't found out any new info. on it though.

Currently it gets 37 mpg., starts kind of rough, but gets me where I want to go! Thanks again.

Postby jimvette » 24 Aug 2005, 03:23

convert that baby to run french fry grease and drive for almost free! Do a search for "grease car" and you'll be amazed!

I'm watchng for one out here. If you know of a diesel Chevette in the NE send them my way!

Thanks, Jim
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Postby Chevette Girl » 10 Sep 2005, 07:09

I don't know if he still has it but one of my schoolmates has a brother who had a diesel Chevette engine that he'd kept, for all I know it's still in a corner of their dad's garage... I think the diesels were 1.8 litre and the gas engines 1.6 ... and over here, diesel's usually cheaper than gasoline and even if it isn't, it gets much better gas mileage...

Endofroandranch - if it starts excessively hard, don't forget you need to let your glow plugs warm up... My auto mechanics teacher in high school used to spray some form of quick-start (ether, I think) into his VW diesel on cold days to get it to catch better (I'm afraid I'm not up on my US weather patterns so I don't know whether Idahoans consider -20 deg Celsius (uhh, a bit colder than 0 deg F) to be just another day or whether it's time to shut down the city :) ).

Enjoy your awesome gas mileage!
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Postby kevin9292 » 11 Sep 2005, 07:00

if your diesel chevette has glow plugs i would advise not to use ether to help start, and if it has glow plugs just let em heat up. Ether+ glow plugs could create fire or explosion or at least thats what it says on the can. And -20 is a nice winter day in manitoba. One day i got my 1.6L gas chevette to start without being plugged in and it was -45Celcius had to have the trottle half down to get it to idle for a while but when it got warm it was ready to go.For americans - 45 celcius is - 49 farenheit
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