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astra 1400 and manta box???

PostPosted: 13 Apr 2005, 23:41
by pinhead
anybody know which manta gearbox plugs up to the astra 1400 engine? i have been informed that it is the 1800 box. is this true?

If you have been reading the other technical bits (on LSD) the lsd project has been aborted due to the engine giving out. bottom end decided to give up on the way back to uni. so temporary engine swap till the summer then a sort of upgrade. tuned astra 1400 for the tired 1256. seems to be an alright option between the 1256 and the redtop hedge material.

Cheers for any replies or help in general. if anyone knows how to use Ricardo Wave (engine simulation software) i would be greatful if i could bend their ear and ask for some assistance in modelling a ford focus diesel (with 2 turbos!! not one)

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2005, 21:01
by shuvit-tim
the bolt pattern on the bellhousing should be the same but I'm not certain, but you may want to check whether the input shaft will be the right length. Also you'll need a different sump and ignition system (likely also to be from a manta 1800)