Swap in a 2.8L or build up the stock.

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Swap in a 2.8L or build up the stock.

Postby Kevins /// Kustoms /// » 20 Mar 2005, 22:55

Ok guys, this is where i need alot of ideas and sujestions. Iv got a 1987 chevy chevette, 2 door, 5 speed. Iv done lots of work to it. And there is still lots more to do. It looks very very good, iv got rims, hood scoops, racing seats, gauges, its lowered and there is tons more. Ok now that you know a bit about my car, its time i tell you about me, im 17, live near toronto, im very good at working on motors and building things, iv rebuilt an engine out of a ford in my shop class. Iv built mopeds, mini bikes and have done lots and lots of brake jobs, oil changes, wheel bearings, welding, everything. I used to work at a shop. I have a full socket set at home, screw driver kit. Drills, saws, jacks, stands and things like that. HERES MY BIG QUESTION. Would the 2.8L be to much work for me, should i go ahead and do it, send it away and get it done, or should i build up the 1.6L engine and 5 speed tranny make a posi rear end and wait until i have the right tools. And one more thing, WOULD A 2.5L 4 CYLINDER S-10 MOTOR FIT IN BETTER THAN A 2.8L. What are the mods id have to do. thanks guys. Please post, even if ur just a guest, or even if u dont know about cars. I just need ideas and sujestions. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO POST.
My chevette is gunna go, 2.8L all beefed up here we come. :p.
Kevins /// Kustoms ///
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Postby Oneleggeddog » 27 May 2005, 19:50

Good day eh!
If you have as much experience as you say then you wont have a prolem,
GM had a prototype v6 chevette and they where using the 2.8
you will need to fabricate some mounts (not hard there just a flat plate with some holes) and you will need the 4x4 oil pan from a 4x4 s10/jimmy/blazer (otherwise you have to notch the pan) you will also need to get a oil filter adapter from an s10 (I think??)
You will need to do some wiring on any fuel injected engines but if you have a carburated engine the it will be really eazy but you wont get as good of mpg out of it
I think you can just use the stock chevette exhaust too.

I try'd the 2.5 chevy and it does'nt fit very nice cus the intake is on the right side instead of the left (like a chevette).

If theres any more questions just ask.

good luck! :wink:
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