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Postby Kevins /// Kustoms /// » 14 Feb 2005, 04:21

Hey brandon if you could tell ur dad that im going to be calling him through the week about the chevettes just so he knows that we were talking on the chevettes website my name is kevin and the rest of the story. Do you have any idea what ill be looking at price wize for the silver chevette? And when its ready in 3 weeks what will need to be done on them, both the blue and the silver. If you want to sell them to me as they sit id do that to. And one more thing. Would you be interested in that moped, if not im going to put it in the super shopper for next week. Thanks man.

My chevette is gunna go, 2.8L all beefed up here we come. :p.
Kevins /// Kustoms ///
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Postby Crum B » 14 Feb 2005, 20:14

The Blue car needs fenders and so does the silver car but I have a set I can put on either they are a little bent but they can be fixed and the drivers side window crank is stripped but I can put on a new one.
The guy we bought the cars off must have been a newfie I swear just going by what he did to the cars but if you take both thinks can be swapped between them easily.You'll have to see them its hard to explain.
I like the moped idea when you call just tell my dad about it and see what he thinks.
Here is an awsome 2.8 swap website http://www.angelfire.com/extreme3/v6chevette/
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Eating rice... hahaha

Postby LabRat » 29 Jul 2005, 17:16

Starting cutting away now... these little puppies way over 2700 pounds. With the right V6 you could eat alot of heavy rice, but the CRX will still leave you on the starting line. I love those CRX's but they are nasty fast off the line... Even with the stock engine in my acadian I can beat most Honda Civic hatches, if they are stock. But those dam CRX's leave me smoking every dam time. I've taken out the rear seat, both seat and back cushions, replaced my front chevette seats with Toyota MR2 buckets, and cut away small choice metal panels from the doors, and inside the rear section of the car. Replace the steel bumpers with aluminum ones, and ditched all the carpetting and replaced with ProForm soundeading gravel guard spraypaint. Very little dashboard trim. Not even a radio. Swapped out the door glass, rear quarter-glass and the rear hatch-glass with 1/4 inch safety plexiglass. I think I'm currently sitting at 2485 pounds... Still too heavy for my choice.

My buddies CRX is 1812 pounds. Course his isn't stock. He's pushing a twin-cam Prelude engine in it. A CRX with 145 hp. It's just wrong. He's killing turbo'd Integras in this thing down at our local quartermile strip.
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