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Engine swap

Postby burtchie » 18 Dec 2004, 16:20

hey, i've got an 87' chevette.. it's all done up exterior and interior wise. I've put every piece of performance stuff that i can into it. I'm looking for a bit more speed though. Problem with me is I'm sick and tired of amature drivers with civics :twisted: thinking they're hott.. I want my vette to rock them. I've heard a few things about engine swaps. What i want to know is what is the easiest for the job with the best overall performance. (i/e i heard i can put an engine from a Buick in, which would help with acceleration, but it's too tough apparently).
SO basically, what's easier to do than other but will still give me a big difference. I love my car, that's why I won't give it up. I want the best for it..

Burtchie :!:
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