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How much does a 1256 engine and box weigh

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2008, 09:53
by 78dtv
Trying to do some calculations regarding an engine swap. Does anybody know what a 1256 engine and / or box weighs?

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2008, 10:48
by Gordo
I had a complete engine shipped on a pallet, IIRC, it was 95kg.

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2008, 12:08
by 78dtv
Cheers Gordon, sounds around about my quesstimate.

Any idea on the gearbox weights, trying to work out what the weight difference would be with a Crossflow engine and a Ford Type 9 Box.

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2008, 06:32
by Gordo
I've a couple of 1256 engines and gearboxes in the garage - if I remember this weekend I'll try to dig them out and put them on the bathroom scales.
Aslo got a T9 with alloy XE bellhousing and centre mount hydraulic clutch, if that's any help.
No promises, though, as work is trying to get me to work the weekend.

PostPosted: 29 Feb 2008, 21:24
by 78dtv
Thanks for the help Gordo, I have some type9's so can weight one of those no problem.

Weight of the 1256 box would be nice if you get a chance.