gt5x cam oposed to gt4x

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gt5x cam oposed to gt4x

Postby marcevo1 » 23 Apr 2007, 11:50

how useable are these on the road with twin 48's?

basically i'll be running the car occasionally for fun to work

how much torque difference is between them? is it just the case that its higher bhp?

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Postby Shoveitpusher » 23 Apr 2007, 12:01

i suspect the 5x would be almost undriveable, not sure whats in mine, could be a 4x or a 3x(if such a thing exists) but it is cammy below 3000 and quite hard to get going.
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Postby Gordo » 23 Apr 2007, 12:25

Had a mate years ago with, I think, the '5 cam'. Initially it was a complete dog under about 3k5 rpm but a bit of tweaking with the cam - about four degrees I think, gave a much better power band at the cost of a small amount of peak.
It was running 48's with a reworked big valve head (Chev' valves).

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