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PostPosted: 19 Apr 2007, 19:41
by ross.cheeks
yeah was looking at all the options and most require the rear axel to be change along with a fair few other bits which to i dont really have to space or facilities to do at the mo.
i think a fairly tuned 1256 should be fun, i know its not the best engine for £'s spent:bhp gained but it doesnt reqire all the other parts and doesnt have the haslte involved in fiting it either. the 12s would be a good option as well but to start chainging the rad an this and that when the really isnt a need to would be wasting money that i could put towards the 1256.

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2007, 08:28
by shoveitnz
I reckon the small hassle of whipping up some mounts etc I'd whack a 1600 ford crossflow in there- loads of tuning parts and simular weight.