quick gearbox question

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quick gearbox question

Postby old skool » 15 Mar 2007, 19:46

is a 1256 viva hc gearbox the same as a chevette box or be a straight swap?
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old skool
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Postby coggers » 16 Mar 2007, 00:42

pal of mine has a 1256 viva and he replaced the clutch with a chevette one... only difference i could see was that the gear lever was slightly different in the viva ??

unless somebody knows different...

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Postby Herbie_Flowers » 16 Mar 2007, 01:32

yea i'm pretty sure they only modified the gear linkage on the later Chevettes.
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Re: quick gearbox question

Postby Gordo » 16 Mar 2007, 06:53

old skool wrote:is a 1256 viva hc gearbox the same as a chevette box or be a straight swap?

Nope, the tailshaft and rear gearbox housing are different lengths. I have rebuilt a Chevette box using the rest of the internals and fitting the gears etc to the Chevette tailshaft.
I would advise changing everything over, if possible, as the second gears change slightly sometime in the Chevette production run - the helix angle, IIRC - and DO NOT work together.

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