engine swap- 4cyl to a 6 cyl...

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engine swap- 4cyl to a 6 cyl...

Postby dukeaholic » 17 Dec 2006, 15:44

Has anyone done this? I was thinking of putting a V6 out of a S10 truck in one of my chevettes a while ago and was wondering how big of a job is this kind of engine swap.
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Postby CancerWagon » 18 Dec 2006, 02:44

I've seen a bunch of pictures but never one of thoes conversions in person.

Apparantly the engine/trans fit in without much effort, but if it's not a carbed engine you may be looking into a pandoras electrical box. Check out cardomain, theres more than a few V6 chevette conversions on there.

I've been sceeming on using a modern ecotec (read 2003-2005 cavalier/sunfire etc.) because it's a 140 HP aluminum engine, weighing much less than a v6 would. This is not a easy option though, as other threads on this board will illustrate. :(
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