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engine mods

Postby lmcair » 16 Oct 2006, 01:28

What modifications can be done to the stock 1.6 liter enginev found in north american chevettes, I was wondering what I could expect to gain if the heads were shaved and If a performance cam and pistons are available in Canada :?: :roll:
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Postby CancerWagon » 16 Oct 2006, 01:52

I'm not all to sure about internals myself, and most people usually put in a 3.8 v6 of some flavor.

I've had some mild success in the past with a better air-filter & ram-air intake, bigger exhaust (2" high flow muffler & catalytic delete), installing a electric fan to remove the paracitic losses of the plastic propeller... and a good old tune up.

Porting and polishing the head will go a long way I've been told. Finding a older HO engine dual outlet exhaust manifold and front pipe will be damn close to the same as using headers, sadly they are hard to find.

The factory HO engine produced 70 HP rather than 65. Alot of the difference was in the cam-shaft but I've never seen any evidence to weather it was or not. However the HO engines did come with the dual outlet manifold. It's really the only external way to spot a HO engine.
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