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V8 transplant....

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2006, 10:19
by shoveitnz
This is one for chevettev8 and petrolhead...

I'm all excited about getting another chevette when i get back to blighty in sept. I'm quite interested in fitting a v8 but some questions..

1. when fitting the rover v8 which sump should used (off which model rover).
2. does the baulkhead have to be modified?
3. Which gerabox...LT77 ? does the standard manual chevette tunnel cope without modifying.

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2006, 12:09
by UpNorth
I'm in a similar position myself. Unfortunately any of the few decent V8 cars I've seen the owners won't part with 'em!

I've done a bit of homework & spoken to a couple of people who've worked on them so have some answers. I believe that any v8 from an SD1 is the motor to go for - although I'm not sure if the sump had anything to do with it.

The bulkhead does need chopping about a bit - but not a lot. Also for access it's tidier to chop out the slam panel between the headlight housings.

Fortunately the Chevette transmission tunnel is very large so apart from welding brackets you should be okay. The LT77 'box is from the SD1 but I don't see any reason why a R380 from a Discovery can't be used - this is a popular conversion for MGBV8s.

I assume you know you'll have to change the back axle (a hard driven 1.8 ohc Cavalier engine will destroy it).

I don't know if you want a roadburner or not but here's a few things to bear in mind before you start spending money (& before I start slagging the motor off I should say that if anyone's got a decent converted car I'd be interested in it for sensible money):

The Rover V8 is a very old design engine (Noah used it on his ark) with poor power figures - a normal V8 SD1 only had 150bhp and when shoved into an MGBGT only managed about 135bhp due to poor manifolding! This is probably what you'd get in a Chevette - a Vauxhall Red Top will beat that. Even the Vitesses only managed 190bhp.

There's any number of better engines & it's a very, very expensive engine to tune for decent bhp (assuming that's what you want), see here Of course, if you really want a V8 why not think about a Ford 'small block' 302 - about 5.0ltrs but it's both narrower & shorter.

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2006, 23:21
by shoveitnz
Great- someone in the same boat to help.. :D

I used to have a chevette 2.3l here in NZ (see photo) with piazza running gear/brakes, supra gbox and it was all very nice to drive. It wasn't super powerful but it had loads of lovely of torque making it really fun in the twistys. Very heavy weight upfront though-pushed abit.

Thats what I fancy out of a V8 (and the soundtrack...) but I could easily swing the other way and go rotary after having owned an early rx7 which had no torque but was such a sweet reving smooth little thing.

I'll see what comes first - after making a new shed/hammering/grinding area where I live...

The 380 gbox from a disco- where is the transfer box on these? I've only owned an old series 2 landie and am not familiar with more modern rovers.

Another idea on the space thing is to remove water pump and pully etc then fit one of these new dang fangled electric things.... make it all cleaner and shorter at front then no have to touch slam panel ?


PostPosted: 09 Aug 2006, 23:42
by shoveitnz
whoops- forgot photos...



PostPosted: 10 Aug 2006, 11:17
by UpNorth
I dunno about the Disco box - but as it's a very common 5 speed replacement for MGBV8s so it's gotta be simple enough. I must confess here to knowing little about 4 wheel drive systems. I'd suggest having a quick look at an MG owners website.

As for the slam panel I think it's more for the radiator to be mounted forward like it is in the HSs - there's a hell of a lot of wasted space in the front of a Chevette. I've got a photo somewhere on my computer of the engine bay with a V8 - I'll try to find it. Although hopefully one of the V8 owners will be able to post a photo (my photo must be one of their cars).

The only thing I feel a little guilty about is ravaging a mint Chevette or Kadett :oops: , but there's little point in working on a rotten car with a floor & inner arches like a sieve.

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2006, 13:39
by RegR
not a really good view, :lol: but it does fit :twisted: ... Frode.html

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2006, 14:22
by burns
This thread has quite a good picture of a V8 engine bay.

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2006, 22:44
by shoveitnz
RegR- those photos make me all squidgy inside- feelings I havn't felt before...
I want that green car- very very nice.

I wonder if its very fast?..

I have a freind here in NZ who has twin turboed a 4L lexus V8 in an old toymota sillycar. But in a little kaddet ! wow.

Burns- i've seen those photos already but thanks. Its a very clean install.
looking at it i dont think losing the water pump off the front will do much as the dizzy is quite far forwards and something needs to drive the Alt.
Weight wise its gotta be lighter then the 2.3 L boat anchor I had.


PostPosted: 11 Aug 2006, 10:49
by RegR
Motorvolum: 5.7 l V8 + twinturbo intercooler
Motoreffekt: ca. 800 hk/BHP

@shoveitnz :twisted: think it would really fly,if it keeps traction.

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2006, 00:19
by Tortron
such a sweet reving smooth little thing

potentially the funniest thing i have ever heard.

iv seen a rotary wagon around here bofore, wouldnt imagine it would be to hard to build

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2006, 16:43
by jayen4
Hmmm.......Has anyone thought of using the old Daimler 2.5 V8,with auto box ?? They are a cracking engine,when looked after and can easily be tuned to produce 200 hp ! :) They sound great,thanks to the Hemi heads and are surprisingly quick.
I had a Daimler 250 V8,years ago (Mk2 Jag shape) and that would fly,even in a heavy car like that !! I used to thrash RS2000's with that baby !! :shock: :)
Anyhow,Russ Carpenter is your man for Daimler V8's ..... :)

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2006, 10:32
by shoveitnz
aren't the daimler 250 V8's an alloy motor? I'm not sure...

I've always thought the Stag V8 sounds nice.

And what about bimmer ones...anyone thought about them?.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2006, 13:09
by jayen4
The Daimler V8's had alloy heads,manifold,carbs,water pump and sump. The block was cast iron,but I don't think that they were a particularly heavy engine !! :)
The stag engines are very fragile and the BMW engine are too modern,as in--- too much electronics..... not easy to transplant.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2006, 21:24
by shoveitnz
but what great motors those bimmer ones...i wonder if anyones making up inlet manifolds to suit carbs for them?

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2006, 19:40
Hi all,
I thought i would show you some pictures of my V8 project.

Let me know what you think and if anyones got any questions or needs any advice just ask.


PostPosted: 03 Oct 2006, 21:16
by Herbie_Flowers
excellent choice of car colour mate 8)

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2006, 22:25
by shuvit-tim
looks awesome - but point of query - with cutting about bits of crossmember and bulkhead - what stops it ending up in your lap in an accident?

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2006, 06:07
looks awesome - but point of query - with cutting about bits of crossmember and bulkhead - what stops it ending up in your lap in an accident?

The cross member has not been altered.
The bulkhead has been reinforced with a box section frame welded into the floor and sills, plus the roll cage has a dash bar adding more strength to the bulkhead.
There is also a twin rail box section cross member running the width of the car that mounts the rover lt77 gear box giving more strength than the standard Chevette floor ever did

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2006, 18:15
by shuvit-tim
well that answers that question... carry on my good man! :lol:

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2006, 18:36
hoping to have it on the road sometime next year but i did say the last year. :roll:

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2006, 18:49
by UpNorth
Are you the bloke who has the silver one?

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2006, 19:12
Are you the bloke who has the silver one?

No, only got the one