Weight difference between 1.2 & 1.8 engines???

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Weight difference between 1.2 & 1.8 engines???

Postby nutty but nice » 09 Oct 2005, 15:21

As above as i'm not sure what spings to go for the 1.8 engine 1.2 1.6 or 2.0 kadett lowering springs?
nutty but nice

Postby nutty but nice » 10 Oct 2005, 19:41

nutty but nice

Postby Harry Flatters » 10 Oct 2005, 20:58

Assume you're talking about the 1.8 OHC Family 2 engine as used in the Manta 1.8 and front wheel drive Vauxhalls?

Don't know what the weight is; they're regarded as being a heavy-ish engine by modern standards, but the construction is lighter than the 1.2 and they're alloy head, so I'd be surprised if they're that much heavier - say around 50 lb / 25 kg at most.

By 1.6 and 2.0 Kadett springs I assume you're talking about RWD Kadetts (B and C models)? No confusion with FWD (Astra type)? The RWD 1.6 and 2.0 used the Opel CIH engine like the Manta GT/E, and they're big old iron lumps. This means the springs for a given use are likely to be over beefy for a 1.8.

You probably wouldn't be far out with something that'd suit a 2.0 XE conversion, as they're only slightly heavier, but I've not done or driven an XE so that's only a guess.

Having said this, what springs to go for probably depends on what you what to do with the car and how stiff you want it to be - personal preference really. I've an idea what I'd go for but that may not suit you; best thing to do is probably ring Tim at TJM, maybe Ian Jemison and the like and find out what they'd advise and what they've got available.
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Postby nutty but nice » 10 Oct 2005, 21:40

Sorry i should have been more specific, i'm wanting to fit the 1.8s which originates from the manta as you've said.
I've bought some bilstein shocks, i've seen that spax & avo do springs for 1.2, 1.6, & 2.0 kadett all lowering springs, due to the weight issue i'm not sure what poundadge would be ok for the 1.8.

nutty but nice

Postby shuvit-tim » 11 Oct 2005, 09:36

didnt we establish you could just use manta springs? are you using billies from a manta GTE or have you paid through the nose?
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Postby nutty but nice » 11 Oct 2005, 17:05

I bought shortend bilstein shocks not standard bilstein replacements.

I'll give tjm a call when the time comes
nutty but nice

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