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Your Location, your e-mail

Postby Neilyman » 14 Feb 2005, 01:39

Could all forum members & new members awaiting confirmation Please enter their Location in their profile.
We don`t want your address or anything, just a City or County will be fine.
There are 3 reasons for this request.

1. It gives a good idea of the `spread` of Chevette fans.

2. It saves the confusion that arises between US & UK Chevettes etc.

3. It stops the automated spambots from registering membership to gather emails.

Any new member applications without a specified location will be denied.

As for anyone pedalling Porn, Drugs, Casinos, Blogs or any other such Spam & Rhubarb., we now have an IP address logger WILL be reported for abuse to your service provider.
Don`t waste your time or the Admins by trying to register, it won`t work....we know all the tricks! :D

Many Thanks

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