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Postby RMARKS » 17 Sep 2005, 23:43

Your new one looks realy tasty.

Where did you find one as good as that?

Wish mine looked in that condition.

Perhaps one day?

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Postby BamOpel » 18 Sep 2005, 13:05

Hey Mark, Thanks for the kind words glad you like her. Wasn't an easy journey to get her. Since xmas I've been slavishly searching ebay & buying stupid amounts of magazines looking for one (My Nan died & left Me some money ). Kept getting outbid, stupidly went up to £1400 for a nice looking orange coupe in Preston with no mot & that I couldn't get to see while auction ran, it went for over £1600 !! The yellow one cropped up in Petersfield a couple of months ago. I went to have a look, it had been garaged for 5 years, the last registered owner had died & it hadn't been started in all that time. I ended up paying over twice what I sold the orange one for, & waited 3 weeks for delivery. Since then been making/ having her made roadworthy & hopefully reliable. New front discs, pads, rear shoes, fuel lines , brake hoses, starter motor, water pump, good service & tune, two very small welds .....Quite a bit !
Now I'm enjoying driving her around.
To do list includes Stereo (think messy wiring may need starting again), lowering, unleaded conversion, electronic ignition, dealing with minor bubbles on arches, derusting & repainting wheels, derusting & painting chassis ( thinking of going for hammerite smooth red)....& on & on.
Personal touches so far include swapping black window winders for earlier chromed ones (it's all in details :D ), dice (had to be done) & nodding devil girl & opel first aid kit (yellow) velcroed to rear shelf.
Will post more pics soon & as I improve/ruin (depending if you are for/against modifications).
Getting last :)
Drive it like you mean it !!
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