Where was it built

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Where was it built

Postby Shuvit-pinto » 26 Jul 2005, 23:06

How can I tell where my 1984 Hatchback Chevette was built?
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Postby hsr2.6 » 27 Jul 2005, 20:55

there's a code on the identification plate,but i don't no what they mean....
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Postby 14yearoldchevetter » 12 Mar 2007, 21:45

This may be of help Mark :wink:
· The vehicle identification number plate is [email protected] top of the instrument panel,@the left-hand side, and can be read through the windshield glass. This plate is stamped with the model and chassis number.
· A service parts identification plate (VIN) is attached to the right-hand front wheel house panel. This plate bears the following information in the sequence shown:
Model .. Destination .. Job No ... Paint Code .. Trim Code .. Option Codes

9TB08 DOM 049163 7WH 1X2054 151 202 203 210 229 263352 367 547

Chevette models
9B08D Semi-Hatchback 2 door (1256cc std)
9B08C code 164 Semi-Hatchback 2 door (1256cc low)
9B08B Semi-Hatchback 2 door (1256cc low)
9B08B code 99 Semi-Hatchback 2 door (1256cc low. Limited power output)
9B11D 2 door Saloon (1256cc std)
9B11C code 164 2 door Saloon (1256cc low)
9B11B 2 door Saloon (1256cc low)
9B11B code 99 2 door Saloon (1256cc low. Limited power output)
9B69D 4 door Saloon (1256cc std)
9B69C code 164 4 door Saloon (1256cc low)
9B69B code 99 4 door Saloon (1256cc low. Limited power output)
9B15D Estate (1256cc std)
9B15C code 164 Estate (1256cc low)
9B15B Estate (1256cc low)
9B15B code 99 Estate (1256cc low. Limited power output)
9B70D Chevanne (1256cc std)
9B70C code 164 Chevanne (1256cc low)
9B70B Chevanne (1256cc low)
9B70B code 99 Chevanne (1256cc low. Limited power output)

· The vehicle identification number (VIN) consists of thirteen characters.
o 1st character .. 9 .. This identifies Vauxhall Motors as the manufacturer and is constant on all Vauxhall passenger vehicles.
o 2nd character Denotes the model range and vehicle flavor.
§ B .. Chevette
o 3rd and 4th character Together these identify the body style.
§ 08 .. 2 door semi-hatchback
§ 11 .. 2 door saloon
§ 15 .. 2 door estate
§ 69 .. 4 door saloon
§ 70 .. 2 door chevanne
o 5th character Engine identification code.
§ D .. 1256cc 4 cyl. (76,6 cu.in.) - standard compression
§ C .. 1256cc 4 cyl. (76,6 cu.in.) - low compression
§ B .. 1256cc 4 cyl. (76,6 cu.in.) - low compression, limited power output
§ M .. 1159cc 4 cyl. (70,7 cu.in.) - standard compression (Greece only code 343)
o 6th character An alpha character denoting model year.
§ E .. 1975
§ F .. 1976
§ G .. 1977
§ H .. 1978
§ J .. 1979
§ .. etc...
[o 7th character Manufacturing Plant.
§ X .. Ellesmere Port
§ Y .. Luton
8th to 13th characters These form the chassis number.
· The engine number is stamped on a [email protected] right-hand front of the cylinder block. Low compression engines are identified by the letter "L" stamped adjacent to the engine number.
· The transmission has a manufacturing date code stamped on the rear cover.
· The rear axle has a manufacturing date code stamped on the housing cover.
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Postby Shellysowner » 12 Mar 2007, 21:56

Image :P :P :P

This has been discussed elsewhere: linky
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