Bam's Kadett

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Bam's Kadett

Postby BamOpel » 10 Jul 2005, 11:49

Hey Everyone,
Hope fully some pics of my Kadett will be apearing in the galleries soon. Inspired by 'Billing' yesterday (couldn't take her, she wouldn't have liked 300 mile round trip) I thought I would stick a couple here

By all means let me know what you think, you won't stop me loving her :wink: !
I've had her ages. Pretty original (colour, 1.2s engine....). I have slightly lowered her, added spotligts, tinted rear light lenses black, added chrome door mirrors & ariel, bonnet pins & matt black bonnet panels.
I've seen some debate on the board about black bonnets. I think they look great. I understood they were to stop sun glare on rally cars. I left centre of mine red to show it wasn't just a bonnet waitin to be sprayed ! Since doing it I've discovered Kadett 'B' Rallyes came with similar patterns.
If I did it again though I would probably go for gloss black (sun glare not too much of a problem in Hampshire !) because I've found it very tricky to polish centre without grtting streaks in black.
Tell Me what You think,
(If no-one stared, I wouldn't do it ! :D)
Drive it like you mean it !!
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