requirements for family two conversion

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requirements for family two conversion

Postby shuvit-tim » 05 May 2005, 18:19

(please try to keep this thread concise and free from hijacking as i will be using it to make sure i havent missed anything)

Okay, i've put up a list of things i've got and things i need for my family two conversion (havent decided on a 2 litre 8v or a 1600 8v yet). What else am I giong to need if anything?

Chevette :D
manta A axle
manta 1800 gearbox
manta GTE shock absorbers and springs
manta GTE engine mounts (or do i need mounts form the 1800?)
manta GTE brakes (for now)
manta GTE radiator, bracket and hoses

-engine, complete with starter motor, alternator etc (either 2.0 8v or 1.6 8v astra blocks ideally)
-chevette saloon turrets
-custom propshaft (requiring a manta B prop end and manta A prop end - which i have)
- manta B 'big-wing' alloy sump and dipstick
- carbs and appropriate inlet manifold
- manta 1800 ignition setup (dizzy,leads and coil?)
- larger engine mount bobbins
-spacers to drop anti-roll bar 1 1/2" (metal or rubber?)

- what clutch do i need? the manta 1800 one or the one from whichever engine i use?

Is there a set exhaust manifold I can get or will I have to get one custom made? was planning on using a chevette competition ashley exhaust system up until the manifold
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