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Postby Chevette Girl » 06 Dec 2008, 20:29

I took a call at work the other day for the guy who shares my office. It was someone from a Ford dealership, and after I took down his contact info so my coworker could call him back, and ever the salesman, he asked, "So, what's your name and what do you drive?"

I replied with my name and, "1982 Pontiac Acadian".

"Ah, so you'll be needing a new car soon!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it!"

We bantered for a bit about how I hate features on new cars and he told me about their new subcompact car coming out in 2010 before I got off the phone.

Not 5 minutes later, I get a call for ME this time from the same Ford dealership, different guy. "So, you still have a 1982 Acadian? That's the year I started selling cars and I used to sell those, I was just wondering if you knew where yours was from?"

So we had a good chat about Chevettes, I don't think he sold mine originally, but it was still amusing as all hell that he called me because presumably his coworker had just gotten off the phone and shared that he'd just talked to a whacko with a 26-year old car still on the road and he got my number from the first guy, just to talk about Chevettes...
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Postby Stargaze » 15 Dec 2008, 04:59

They are quite the Conversationalist piece i get weird looks everywhere i go in my 86 Chevette Cameo Edition.
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