Long long time since I last posted....

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Long long time since I last posted....

Postby default_user » 12 Aug 2008, 02:50

Anyone remember this:
http://www.chevettes.com/forum/viewtopi ... highlight=

It’s still languishing in my garage, although now partly stripped and on different wheels. I’ve been thinking about what to do with it recently to get it moving again and am considering different options. A V8 isn’t one of them however so I’m going to strip the engine bay and put the car into better storage until time and budget permit me to do it justice. This means that if there is anyone out there considering turning their Chevette into a fire breathing V8 monster I have practically everything you need. When removed I will have the following:

Rover 3.5L V8 twin carb from a Rover SD1, vintage unknown.

Complete overhaul kit for both carbs including new jets. This cost me about £125 and it’s all still in its packaging.

Rover LT77 5 speed gearbox and bell housing. I have had the gear linkage assembly and gear lever professionally shortened by Magnum Engineering at a cost of £115.

Modified prop shaft to join the LT77 to a Manta A axle.

Oversized radiator. Not sure if this is the original SD1 item or something else but it’s much bigger than the original Chevette item.

Pair of forward facing exhaust manifolds and complete exhaust system.

All engine ancillaries, plumbing, engine wiring and brackets.

If anyone is interested I’m open to offers. I’d be happy to discuss at length and you’re welcome to view if you fancy a trip to South Wales.


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