Original Chevette TV advert

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Original Chevette TV advert

Postby jbowman » 02 Mar 2008, 00:49

Thought it might be of interest to everyone, I'd never seen it before & loved the Chevette slogan, lol.

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Postby Mull » 02 Mar 2008, 16:18

Thats is so bad its cool. No wonder the chevette had an image problem if thats the best that Vauxhall could do.
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Postby Doive » 02 Mar 2008, 17:17

I did think the opening shot of the Chevette drifting across the beach perfectly sums up what the car is all about. Small, nimble, rear wheel drive - I'd like to see a mk1 Fiesta trying the same thing. The Chevette, the Triumph Toledo, and to a lesser extent the Toyota Starlet, were the last of a dying breed of small rear wheel drive cars. However, the rest of the advert was utter pap.
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Postby Bulldognz » 02 Mar 2008, 23:14

OMG! They had bloody nuns driving it....no wonder.
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Postby V8-CHEVETTE » 03 Mar 2008, 21:35

Geese, pigs , fishing and Nuns what an image :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'll finish it one day!
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Postby Chevette Girl » 21 Mar 2008, 21:03

playing Iron Maiden in the background made a really interesting counterpoint to that advert, I must say...

(Be Quick or Be Dead on the From Here to Eternity video in case anyone wondered)
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Postby shoveitnz » 31 Mar 2008, 20:22

ahhhhhh- makes me all warm and gooey inside- its whatever i want it to be eh?... I'd like mine to be a ferrari dino 246 please- but i dont think thats gonna bl--dy well happen no matter how hard I wish!

At least all the cars in the advert had the superior looking and much classier recessed headlights eh!......
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Postby Herbie_Flowers » 01 Apr 2008, 15:11

shoveitnz wrote:At least all the cars in the advert had the superior looking and much classier recessed headlights eh!......

only cos the adverts were OLD :P
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