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Postby chevettev8 » 11 Oct 2006, 00:21

Apart from loosing your stuff, the worst part is you suspect it is someone you know, Ba**ards.

My car was moved down the drive yesterday, only had a brick stopping it like (my own fault) hopefully it was just kids messing about, but I've took precautions all the same. Chained the fecker to the drive :twisted:

Come to think of it a taxi driver that picked me up was admiring it. Naturally you get chatting, turned out he had a V8 in his dolomite. Something like that happens and you think well maybe i told this guy too much and he or someone he told tried to move it.
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Postby Daishag » 16 Oct 2006, 22:28

The story so far is :-

The insurance the ****ers !!!!!!!!! I am arguing hammer and tongs with my traders policy won't cover the Chevette HSR as i had only had it a week and for it to covered fully comp i have to declare the reg number which i did'nt get round to doing so thats my own stupid fault, and the house insurance won't cover it as it was a complete vehicle.

The house insurance also will only cover the contents of the garage up to £2000, BUT the loss adjuster has said the policy reads :-

"Any vehicle accessories whilst attached to a vehicle are excluded from cover".

But i said the parts were'nt attached to the vehicle they were off and just stored in the garage, and also they were'nt add on extra's they were essential parts to the running of the car thus not acessories. In reply to which the loss adjuster said i had all ready stated they were'nt std car parts they were up-graded motorsport items, thus the items were not std and there fore accessories !!!!!

As for any info on whom done the crime i havent heard anything of the Police or any one else with any other info its as if they came out of the dead of night and just bloody vanished with all my nice shiny bits !!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Dave aka Daishag Rallying :( :? :( :? :cry:
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Postby shuvit-tim » 16 Oct 2006, 23:26

it never rains it pours. f***ers.

I'm not sure who i hate more, thieves or insurance companies.
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Postby Shuvit-pinto » 16 Oct 2006, 23:44

You bloody poor sod :cry: What the F*ck is this democratic society coming too.

I have Thieves and insurance companies with equal volumes.
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