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Hello everyone

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2006, 19:45
by Daishag
Hello Everyone just become a member of the forum after along stint away etc etc.
Have a coupleof Chevette's in the pipe line at the moment the first being a 48,000 mile from new 3dr hatch that i am converting to a road rally car. It has a chassis mounted XE Red Top 16v running std injection, Ford Sierra Type 9 5spd Tran-x SCCR box, custom made prop to a modified Ford Escort Mk2 English 5 linked 4.1 LSD braced axle.
I have Ford conversion hubs up front with Cavalier GSI 4x4 discs and calipers, rear are running Fiesta solid discs with Zafira rear calipers, bias pedalbox hyd hand brake etc etc.
The shell is fully seam welded and strenghened with full cage inc door bars and double diag, it will be un-arched but fitted with a HS front spoiler and rear spoiler and painted in Lambo Red, so should go and look pretty well.
The second i have at the moment i have just bought off e.bay and its a geniune HS2300 fitted with a HSR kit with a modified engine running twin 48 dellorto's, it passed its MOT yesterday and i have just given the engine a full service inc cam belt and new Castrol R oil, took it out for a spin and she will do 90mph in the 3rd gear !!!!! so yes she goes really well !!!!!

So there the Chevette's i have so hello to everyone and hope to get some pictures posted up here pretty soon, Oh also have a Manta 400 replica rally car that is going to be in next months Total Vauxhall Magazine if you want to see it.

Cheers Dave aka Daishag Rallying 07835971713

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2006, 20:09
by shuvit-tim
welcome to the forum mate, some very shiny motors you have there by the sounds of it!

So come on then - which do you prefer - the HS or the XE conversion?

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2006, 20:10
by Neilyman
Welcome to the madhouse Dave.
Were you a member a while back?, the username seems to ring a bell.

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2006, 20:15
by Doive
I've seen the username on ebay before, but welcome to the forum mate! Some cracking sounding projects you have there.

Was that HS on ebay very recently? If it was the one, it looked superb. 8)

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2006, 12:32
by Daishag
Yes the HS was the white one that was sold via ebay fitted with the HSR kit for £3500, the guy had owned it for approx 18 years and had to get rid of it due to a split with his partner.
I was a member a good while back when i had a Black Chevette fitted with a all steel 2.3 bored to 2.4 8v hatch that i used to road rally (that car was featured in Nov 2003 issue of Retro Cars with the feature "How to modify the Chevette" and i also sold HSR 2.6 (Steve Hobbs) his rally Chevette all though he has done some serious work to it since and may i say what a car it is now.
As for which is better i havent actually had the XE powered one on the road yet all though it is running, i have an XE powered Manta rally car and thats pretty quick, but the HS i ave with the HSR i have got to say surprised me to just actually how quick it is ie it will do just over 90mph in third and i allways tend to run out of road before i hit 5th it is seriously quick !!!!! the only thing that lets it down is the fact it isn't fitted with an LSD as accoriding to the spec's that was an option from new they werent fitted as std.

Cheers Dave Davies aka Daishag Rallying 07835971713