Just bought this...

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Just bought this...

Postby shoveitnz » 30 Aug 2006, 23:00

Extremely long ebay link!

The seller sounds slightly dodgy to me...

Hi ther- is the car a manual? Have you got receipts for engine work and if so what was done? have you a home contact number- cheers alex

A: the car is a manual gearbox yes and i only have the word of the person i baught the car from about the engine but i know a lot about engines and this one is mint as all rotary angines with any sign of wear at all burn a lot of oil especially on start up and this one burns no oil and start up just smells of fual from the exaust for a few mins while choke is on then runs very clean as soon as warm and runs very quiet with no rumbles or rattles like new so allthough the previus owner had reciepts for a full £1500.00 rebuild i didnt even bother to see them as clearly i can tell he was telling the truth. ide say just trust me you can easy tell the difference of a very good rotary engine and a worn one and this one has been rebuilt to a very high standerd. a good sign is they are prone to overheating but this stays very cool even when sat ticking over for an hour as i have been doing that once a month while its been in storage.

He could be honest and hopefully its all good.
But hey- £122
I cant really complain. Met a bloke the other day on an NZ ferry who had just bought a quite rusty mk1 for $5000.

Now I need a trailer. and a car to tow it with.

Oh...and a chevette to fit it in...

And I'm still in NZ!

Ebay -its dangerous. but oh so good
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Postby UpNorth » 31 Aug 2006, 07:48

The bloke is quite obviously an absolute tosser. But I'm with you on this - if I wanted a crusty RX7 I'd be happy with £122 :D
Anyone have a 6R4 for sale? Unfortunately I've only got £1K spare but I could throw in a few eggs to sweeten the deal!
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